Water transportation the sure way to increase the economic activities of a country.

Water transportation.

Water transportation is very important category of transport system in any country or place in the world. We have inland and sea or sometimes called ocean water transport. Inland water transport takes place through navigable rivers and canals. Motorboats are suitably used in canals. Boats and steamers are used in land waterways. In seas or ocean transport ships are used for transportation. Many countries rely on both inland transport and their coastal ports for water transportation.

Water transport plays a major in those countries that have invested in it. For example, water transport is a cheap way of transportation for goods, heavy machinery, and bulk raw material within the country or between countries. Extensive investment in ports and waterways increases the country’s economic activity. The movement of goods between different ports increases economic activity in a country.

Water transportation

Water transportation

Water transportation reduces the cost of transportation. It is cheaper to transport goods to particular destinations especially where movement by road is far and the route that one can take is shorter means a reduction in the cost of fuel and time taken to travel or transport the commodities. One a country imports and exports goods the international trade will flourish and both trading partners’ benefits a lot.

Establishment of ports and movement of goods mean taxes have to be paid in the form of custom excise duties which has to be paid to the government.  Job opportunities are also created in the shipping industry both directly and indirectly. This improves the life style of the general citizenry. There are companies that also specialize in vessel repairs and cargo transportation all that contributes to creation of job opportunities.

Many governments establish ministry of transport that is responsible for the management and establishment of laws and policy formulation for the water transport system. These policies and regulations ensure the safety of the passengers and proper ways of doing business in the water transport. Water transportation plays a significant role in the economy of any country and cannot go without emphasis.

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