Various types of transportation

The term transportation means carrying of goods and people from one destiny to another by the use Of roads or vehicles. In the earlier days people used to move to trade. The four main kinds of transport are; water, rail, road and air transport.

Road transport started as footpaths. This means that it started in a very small way where only people and animals would use. Later, the same roads were made wider due to introduction of wheels. Today, most roads are wide that they can freely be used by buses, cars and also trucks along. Again water transport is also another form of transport. Previously, people who travelled in water were using things like dry woods or log to move up in rivers.later, different things like boats and ships were introduced to carry people and goods from one place to another.

Later along, railways were introduced and now people and goods were being carried by the trains, airplanes also later were seen in the sky after they were invented.Nowadays people have become used to them and they have become a daily way of transporting goods and passengers.

Transport has now become of great help in the growth of work in a great deal. It has helped people to move from places to others in easier way. This has also been of great help to the society due to the growth and development that it brings. The modern growth that is easily seen is all about transport. Transport has also made the world a global village. It has made the world a smarter and a smaller place to enjoy living in. the main achievement transport has brought to the world is that it has made it trade possible. It has also made it easier for people to move one country to another for different reasons like migration or even to settle as refugees.

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