Traverse India Roads, an investment worth it.

India Roads.

India has the second largest road network in the world. Amazing India roads! With the number of vehicles hitting an all time high of 10.16% an average rate per year growth the Indian authorities have necessitated the building and maintenance of the following India roads; Expressways, National Highways, Major District Roads and Other rural Roads.  Passenger traffic constitutes 80% of the road users whereas cargo takes 65%.

India Roads

India Roads

The government has done a lot in contributing to this huge investment in road network.  The government carries out land acquisition function to allow for smooth process during the construction of India Roads. This enables the contractor to have no legal obstacles with regard to building the road. There is 100% tax exemption for 5 good years and 30% relief for the 5 years, this offer may be valid for close to 20 years. The concession period allowable for building India roads is 30 years. Investors in road projects import highway construction equipment duty free. They are also allowed to collect and retain tolls.

Wonderful roads in India would not be possible without the support of ADB, World Bank, JBIC, NHAI among others. NHAI for example supports participation of private sector in construction and maintenance of National Highways for a concession period, which can range up to 30 years before the same road is transferred back to NHAI.  They also provide consultancy in the following areas; IT services, Feasibility studies, construction supervision and high sector studies.

There is open process of tendering India Roads with information available and accessible to the public online. In the tenders they may require; Commercial Vehicles for hiring, Survey and evaluation of affected structures, Emergency repairs of Canal Bridge and lots of others services that they may require. Any attempt to tamper with the downloaded document may lead to rejection of the tender. There are always annual reports about the running of the India road network. Nothing can come easily clear organization and commitment to standards and handwork surely pays!

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