Transportation: Riding Big or Going Small.

Riding Big or Going Small.

Let us try to make a choice between big cars or small cars as mode of transportation.

I have always been amazed of how huge vehicles look. Toyota’s Fortuner has been my dream car. It looks cute even with it’s huge size – sleek and stylish. It would perfectly fit my whole beloved family with large space still for our travel bags or newly shopped stuffs (winks). With it’s masculine profile, it sure could conquer distances as far as where my family would want to go. It can transport us anywhere with ease and sure protection with its designed safety system like the anti-braking system and airbags.

Riding Big or Going Small

Riding Big or Going Small

But I currently live away from home and family. It would be impractical to own such huge transportation (but if I do I would not mind anyway ha!). So having a “mini-Fortuner” would be just as great and the next stop on my list is Hyundai’s EON. I happened to be presented by one in one of the shopping malls where they displayed this model. It catch my attention right away especially with it’s pristine blue color. And even with it’s small figure, there is still cargo space behind for your stuffs to store during travels. It also prides to have the ultra high-tensile strength steel that can protect passengers from high crash impacts.

So if we come to think of it, it is not really how big and small the mode of transportation you own. It is the comfort you feel and the daily help it offers to transport you anywhere you need to be. And most especially, the safety it provides you and your passengers during travel. There are many choices but always choose safety and durability and of course to buy within your means. Style can come right after.

So what do I choose? I’d choose both – one for the family and for my personal use!

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