The early methods of transportation

Nowadays, it is clear that life will be hard without airplanes and automobiles services. However, before the technology comes out, it means that most of the transportation that people use before include walking, beast burden and water transportation. Also the horse-drawn carriages and the wagons made the passengers to travel in a convenient way. But this means of transport was not the best because when the weather changes then they are not reliable to use. Later on, there was a development of railroads and steam ship and they were good in carrying more people at one time.

Travel in Ancient times: the most well known primary means of transportation in the past years is walking by foot. Most of the people use to have the sandals but after a long journey they decide to remove them because of walking for a long distance. Also, the elderly and people who were traveling use the walking sticks in order to protect themselves from the robbers. Also, there were litters which were strapped with poles and they are used by men to support themselves while walking. There were rafts, ferries and boats that were used to carry people from one side of the river to another. This way, people were able to travel different places.

Another one is the Midwest plain states: according to the history, people use the Midwest plains to travel. This was well known to be the most important way of transportation especially in the United States. However, horses and wagons were the most method used to transport goods and people who want to travel from one place to another. Also, not only these because there are other means of transportation used by people.

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