The unmatched South Africans Rail system in Africa.

South Sfricans Rail.

South Africans Rail system is an important element of transport system in South Africa. This publicly owned transport system connects South Africans major cities such as Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. South Africans railways network was initially developed to serve agricultural production between Cape Town and wellington, however, with the discovery of diamonds in Kimberly the colonial government at the time decided link up Cape Town and Kimberly in readiness to tap this precious metal.

South Sfrican's Rail

South Sfrican’s Rail










South Africans rail system is unmatched rail transport system in Africa, it gives a competitive edge over its neighbors. The government of South Africa has invested heavily on rail transport. There are different railway companies providing rail transport services in South Africa such as Comzar, Gautrain, Rovos Rail, Shosholoza Meyl, Transnet Freight rail and Transwerk.

South Africans rail system supports Freight trains for transporting goods or cargo where as passenger trains are used for transporting or carrying passengers. Major railway stations include; Shosholoza Meyl, Old Kloof Station, Muizenberg Station and many others.

The South Africans rail system has benefited the country in so many ways. It has facilitated distance travel from one point to the next within South Africa. It is possible to transport goods easily and quickly. The rail system has provided employment opportunities to many people in the country. It is easy to increase the rail capacity by adding more wagons. Transporting of bulk commodities and low costs has been made possible.

The South African’s Rail system has a number of challenges like; Old fleet and electric trains systems are prone to failures sometimes. Rail system is capital intensive and therefore requires maximum use and engagement at any given time. One of the rail companies called Transnet conducted a research just to find out why customers were still seeking alternative modes of transport. The point is, it is highly likely to incur losses when the rail system doesn’t work to capacity.

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