Simple Public Transportation Guidelines

Public Transportation Guidelines.

It cannot be denied that there are many negative news nowadays in riding public transportations especially where you are the only passenger like in taxi cabs or for-hire motorcycles. No matter how we try not to think negatively on someone there is always that feeling of and wondering “what if”.

Public Transportation Guidelines

Public Transportation Guidelines

But how do we really know we are in danger or that someone is thinking of robbing us or committing any other crimes in public transportations? Well – we would not know most of the time. The only way we could do is prevent and stay away with these by being very observant and vigilant of the surrounding people (if ou are in a public train or jeepneys) and be very attentive to location or route details (if you are in a public metered taxi or any for hire cars).

Public Transportation Guidelines – More Attantion.

Stay awake. You cannot be attentive enough of what is ging on if you are too sleepy. Sleepy people in public transportations are sure targets of criminals for obvious reasons that you will not be able to see their next move and not be able to remember their faces of built. If travelling from work and sleepy already, try to get a quick nap at your desk before really going home. If you are awake and alert you will be able to observe the driver’s identification details usually hanged or displayed in front of the car and be able to mentally note (or note in your diary or mobile) the cards body number or plate number.

Public Transportation Guidelines – More Information.

If you even have the courage to do so when in a public taxi cab, try conversing with the driver himself and fell the vibe if he is being fishy or displaying some sort of tense and cautious approach. Do this by also asking him why you are being routed at the unusual route and let him notice that you are sending a message to somebody. It may even greatly help to call a friend or relative and tell them where you currently are and maybe tell them out loud the plate number of the car to scare off any negative plans of the driver.

We have to try and open our guards and activate our inner instincts to prevent and stay away from danger in some public transportations.

Public Transportation Guidelines – Contact.

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