Road transport is a valuable mode of transport

Road transport is a valuable type of transport system in the world. It is undisputable the most common type of transport mode. It is used to move both goods and passengers.  Before the invention of vehicles road transport was dominated by oxen or humans carrying goods on the heads or back. As trade became part and parcel of people lives then the need to transport more commodities have arisen.

With increased mobility of goods across countries, both within and among countries, the mode of transport has also changed. Roads facilitate physical movement of goods and people from one place to another. Being the most popular means of delivering supplies for most businesses many companies largely depend on this mode of transport for the survival of their businesses.

Road transportation

Road transportation

Road transport involves; vehicles, human, motorcycle and bicycles and bicycles. Road transport is cost effective and fast way for door to door deliver of goods.  It is ideal for delivering within short distances. Quite economical don’t you think? In cases where you have perishable commodities such a vegetables and fruits road transport would be ideal. You can also monitor your goods with ease.


The cost of road transport is much lower as compared to railway. If you consider the pay for a pilot and a driver, a pilot will be paid more. It is more expensive to maintain the rail tracks than the roads. Road transport system is convenient because you can always divert a vehicle to another route in case of an accident but of course you can’t divert a rail road.

Despite the many benefits offered by road transport many countries are still grappling with many problems associated with road transport. A case in point is where cargo is stolen as it travels for long distances. Many governments find it difficult to maintain the roads and this in turn leads to road accidents and loss of live and property. It is also uneconomical to transport goods over long distances. For a successful transport system a road transport should be transported by other type of transport like rail and water.

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