Road accidents in India is not a new phenomenon.

Road accidents in India.

Roads accidents are very painful experience to go through.  Have you had an accident before? If not, at least one of your friends or relative has been affected. Road accidents in India is not uncommon phenomenal just like many other countries. All the road users are well aware of the dangers they are exposed to while on the road. The road users are pedestrians, cyclist and vehicle drivers.

Alcohol drinking is common cause of road accidents in India the danger of driving after drinking is the effect it leaves on the driver. Alcohol lowers the driver’s concentration therefore affecting his/her judgment ability. The limbs are also weakened. Alcohol also impairs vision of drivers at least temporarily until they become sober. If you are drunk request a friend who hasn’t consumed alcohol to drive you.

Road accidents in India

Road accidents in India

Many drivers also ignore safety gears such as helmet and seatbelts. Safety gears reduce the extent of injury to the driver and his/her passengers. The chances of survival when safety gears are worn properly is high. One thing for sure is they reduce the chances of severe injury in case you have an accident.

Some drivers just love jumping the red traffic light reason they are late! People who jump the red light always put their life in danger.  How? The action of a driver who jumps the red light incites the other drivers to do the same. The result becomes chaotic as they intersect at one point.

Divers sometimes get distracted by animals crossing the road, pedestrians, turning on the radio or receiving a phone call through mobile while driving. These distractions take away the drivers’ concentration would result in a fatal accident. Where a road has potholes and diversions vehicles easily get accidents.

Weather conditions such as fog, heavy rainfall may also contribute to road accidents in India. Heavy rainfall may cause the tires to skid letting the vehicle lose balance and fall. Passengers too are not left behind sometimes the alight from the right side of the road thus end up being hit by a vehicle or causing another vehicle to veer off the road.

Life is very precious and property not very easy to acquire lets follow the traffic rules and be our brother’s and sisters’ keeping.

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