Public transport in cities and towns.

Public transport is a communal passenger transport service for the general public.  There are different kinds available in the world today; taxicab, hired buses or vehicles, trains, motorcycle and ferries. There is also public transport between one city and another available through airlines. Most public transport systems operate in major towns and cities of the world.

Public transport

Public transport

Public transport runs on a schedule which most of the time has to be adhered to by the passengers. This schedule is also called a time table. The passengers are charged for the service provided by the public service transport operators. The charges are simply called fares. Fares are levied based on the distance and the mode of transport used.  In some cities and towns public transport is provided by private operators whereas in others transport is provided by the government.

Public transport plays a key role in the economy of a country. First and foremost it provides direct employment to thousand or even millions of people. We have drivers, conductors, pilots, hair hostess and many more. Public transport makes you to be more socialized that using a private car. You can communicate with many people who are boarding the public vehicle. This makes you relieve yourself of stress and escape loneliness.

Public transport system is Eco-friendly. Why is it so? Imagine 50 people each driving a car that emits gases in the atmosphere. Needless to say, the amount of Carbon monoxide (CO) they would release into the air. Every segment a town or city benefits from public transport namely; individuals, families, communities and businesses. Public transport saves money. It’s costly to fuel a single car to travel 100 miles than use a public transport.

Public transport has its own challenges. One of the most obvious challenge is irregularity in schedule for example it a bus breakdown you will have to wait for another to be brought or forced to take another route. In most cases routes are very limiting to passengers. You might want to go a certain direction which the public transport does not cater for. Another challenge with public transport is travelers are inconvenienced during public holidays and weekends.  Many public cars would have their drivers resting or go for holiday as well. All in all public transport is necessary for millions to move within the cities and between the cities.

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