Problems faced by disabled in transportation

Disabled in transportation.

For every disabled person, there are some challenges they always face. Due to their differences, some know how to overcome these problems either through the technology, while others is forced to cope and adapt with the world that surrounds them. Some have to depend on others so as to get to a certain level of functionality. This sometimes becomes so difficult for them when there is no one ready to help or even to look after them.


Disabled in transportation

Disabled in transportation

Every disabled individual is unique. This means that they face different and unique circumstances. It is so difficult to have services that favor all disabled person, because each individual is different. There are very few services that help everyone. But above all there is one issue that affects almost all disabled persons. This is lack of available transportation.


The persons with disabilities take a long time to make up to simple destination. An example is when they make travels to see a doctor or when they move back to their respective homes. To make it worse, some of them are unable to attend many organization meant for them to help them like attending clinics all because they don’t have means to get them there.

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