The problem with public transport

Many people use the public transport when they are traveling. The most used methods are boats, trains, buses and other means that are used by millions of people. However, most of them are at least happy and satisfied with the methods they use every day but there are some who experience problems. This post highlights well the public transportation in the world.

The first problem that is found in the public transport is many words. This means that there are some people who prefer to travel in a silent mood. This is because the person who is next to you must be the love of your life. This comes because there are some killers, horror fans and other people who are not good to travel with others. Also, you may find that the people you are traveling with annoy you in one way or another. An example is the mothers who have the babies, the rappers who love to listen the music, old people or even those who use launder voice when talking in the phone. This makes you uncomfortable because you may try to focus but later found yourself you are disturbing. However, other people may find it to be a big problem and some may prefer to focus on traveling with private means.

Another issue that people find in the public transport is the timing. If you want to travel with the public transport, you must be able to set the time in order to make up reach at the destination where you want to travel.

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