Popular Transportation in Countries

Sometimes one of the signature or known-for in most of the countries are the type of transportation that is popularly used.

Let us take for bicycle for instance is a very known mode of transportation for a lot of countries. Netherlands is currently the country with the highest number of bicycles and the highest percentage of people using them based on population. Other countries with high usage of bicycle as transportation include Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, and China.

In the United States, private transportation or  car ownership is most widely observed. Most people get either new or used car and a necessity for most residents. It would usually just differ in some larger cities where mass transit or railroads are most widely used and most practical as they say especially with some who would want to stay away from the city traffic. Same goes with United Kingdom who has a high number of private vehicle transportation use together with passenger cars and taxi cabs.

New Zealand, because of its mountainous topography, used to be challenging in terms of transportation access. But with human perseverance there were watercrafts initially used and then evolved eventually to railroad transportation and private car ownerships for most of their road travels. Taking the air transportation also became useful in order to explore the some sides of the country. They are also known for people who like to do cycling as a sport and even way of private transport.

In the Phillipines, people have already evolved also from using public transportation to owning different private cars (for luxurious or practical purposes). The most practically bought nowadays are motorcycles and mini-vans (multi-cabs). But even with the increasing number of private transportation in the country, it is still known for the country-wide use of jeeps or jeepneys. 

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