Is There A Giant Transport Ship Coming To A Port Near You?

Giant Transport Ship –┬áThere Will Be Giant Transport Cargo Ships On Your Ports Horizon


If you do not already see those huge cargo ships entering your harbor, wait a couple years or so and you most likely will see them. I guess there probably are a few of these giant ships already docking at some ports around the world, but it looks like with the widening of the Panama Canal, there are going to be many more harbors that will be seeing these giant transport ships.


And, it is logical then that the more ports around the world that these mega ships can enter, then they will build more of them to transport the worlds goods from one end of the earth to the other. Perhaps this will raise the living standards of many people in areas that need it. We do know that it will certainly be more profitable for owners of these transport vessels and will also make more goods available to any country that can accommodate them.


Supporters of bringing ports up to the standards necessary for the giant transport ships to be able to enter their ports cite the fact that the construction involved in these upgrades will create many new jobs that are sorely needed almost everywhere these days. Plus, the cargo traffic itself will also provide needed jobs to the economies of these port cities.


Some Are Concerned About The Giant Transport Ships Effects


Many local residents in the close proximities of these ports are concerned about the environmental impact of these changes. They claim that the increased truck traffic from moving the goods from the giant transport ships will create more dust and dirt and pollution in these areas. In areas where dredging is required, they are concerned about the impact on wildlife by the possible release of toxic materials during the dredging process.


Giant Transport Ship

Giant Transport Ship

Studies are being made about these concerns. However, it looks as though most of the projects planned will go forward in the near future and many of them will be completed in the next 3 or 4 years. One of these projects will actually raise a bridge near New Jersey, USA ports some 60 feet above it’s present height at a cost of about 1 billion dollars.


Here are some of the projects that are being undertaken in the western hemisphere that are undoubtedly being mirrored in other parts of the world to accommodate the new era of transportation of goods on the high seas.


Savannah, Georgia area is set to deepen the channel in the Savannah River running through Georgia and South Carolina. A deepening of the channels in the Newport News, Virginia ports is also under consideration as well as ports in the Miami, Florida area. There are many more of these port upgrade projects around the world that will eventually bring not only monster cargo transport ships, but also larger cruise ships which is another concern of local residents of port cities.


Whole there are a lot of concerns that are being addressed, ti does look like this is something that is going to happen. and, it probably will happen sooner than later. Be on the lookout for a Giant Transport Ship coming to a port near you.


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