How to be safe in a public transportation

Public transportation is known to be used by many people. However, not because i\it made of the gas price that make it to be expensive but also good because it is available in many areas.but in one case, people understand that having a parking in a city is also a problem because people need to save money and keep the environment safe. In order to have a safe public transportation , then it is good to understand the following things.

The most important thing is that you should never flash your money around the bus or even on a train. In subway and other place that people use when traveling is also considered to be a problem. Understanding that the high volume of the foot traffic also make different favorites of character that people love.

It is also good to keep out the way where the vehicle are coming and make sure that there is no one standing near your back, this is because they can easily push you in the coming car or trains and it is very dangerous.another thing is that when waiting for the vehicle, especially at night, it is good to stand with another person near you. Make sure there are many people around you to avoid early robber to rob you.

Last but not least is that you should never get into an empty bus or subway car. If you do, then you are asking for trouble. It is always good to seek company from other people who are traveling. This will make you public transportation safer and more enjoyable.

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