Giant Ships Changing Face Of Worldwide Transportation

You could Be Seeing Giant Ships Coming To Your Port Soon


Well, it looks like the worldwide transport of goods is going to get a face lift and very soon in many ports across the world. It seems like most of the ports around the globe are scrambling to get themselves ready to accommodate the next generation of cargo ships for the transportation of goods on the high seas and elsewhere.


This mad scramble is in response partly to the huge 5.2 billion dollar widening project at the Panama Canal. What is this project going to do for transportation of goods? Well, it will be able to accommodate ships nearly triple the size of ships now navigating our global waters.


Is this going to be a good thing or a bad thing? It depends on who you are talking with. Many experts in the transportation field seem to think it will be a good thing. Many residents of port cities however think it is a bad thing. Either way, it is going to happen and I guess you can chalk it up to progress if you want to call it that.


What Ports Are Doing To Get Ready For These Giant Transports


Some ports must widen their channels to be able to have these transportation behemoths get through. The Panama Canal, which to most observers is the instigator of this trend is spending a ton of money to widen the canal so these huge vessels can transport more goods through Panama. Others need to dredge their channels to make them deep enough to allow these mega ships to enter their ports.


There is even a case that necessitates the raising of a bridge some 60 feet higher than it now stands so as to allow these huge transport ships to pass and get into their port. There will be many billions of dollars spent in order to make this a reality in the western hemisphere. It seems everyone wants to get in on the action because it means more money for those that can handle these great ships.


What Does All This Mean In The Scheme Of Transportation Business?


To the average person, it will probably happen without any real fanfare and most people will not even know what and when it does happen. For people that live near the affected ports, there are concerns about additional land vehicle traffic as well as if there will be an environmental impact. All these concerns are being looked at and studies are being made to determine what if any effects all this will have.

Cargo Giant Ships in the industrial port in Panama Canal

Giant Ships


Overall, for the people involved in the transport of goods around the world, they believe that it is a great thing. They claim that the new cargo transport ships will be more fuel efficient and be able to handle much more cargo and will save them time and money as well as being able to transport more goods. That of course translates into more profits. We will cover some other aspects of this in another article very soon.

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