From Sea to Air Transportation.

Sea to Air Transportation.

It is amazing to observe how fast our mode of transportation and the transportation industry has evolved. Today, it is never impossible already to reach other islands or continents around the world. Just choose your mode of transportation, and with enough budget then you are good to go.

Sea to Air Transportation

Sea to Air Transportation

Eight to ten years ago, travelling from one island to another is possible with sea transportations – cruise ships and passenger ships – and it had been very both exciting for some and exhausting for others to think of what many things to do while floating on the sea for several hours.

Shipping companies though have made it possible to bear the long hours of waiting by offering restaurants or cafeterias on board as well as stores to avail refreshments and snacks and even offers bands and television for movie marathons to entertain passengers.

People surely were thankful shipping vessels have been invented.

And along the next years came the fame of air transportation. It used to be a luxury for many average citizens to be able to hop on one plane and travel. Yet today, airline companies are spread everywhere. What used to be just reachable  by ships can be travelled through airplanes already! And what used to cost very high has been redefined by the many air transportation fee or rate promotions around the world. Many people get to experience this already.

Although sometimes air transportations would seem to cost more than sea transportations, it can be justified by the benefits air transportation does provide. The number one advantage probably would be the time it takes for one to get to his destination if he chooses to travel through airplanes. How great it is to be able to travel in minutes for some during emergency situations when it would take hours on sea travel.

Also, travelling by sea would seem less costly but for some may be even high due to the fact that one would look for entertainment or would surely need to find and buy something to eat to survive the long hours of the travel.

With that, many surely are thankful these days for air transportation.

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