Do You Know The History Of Transportation? Part Two

History Of Transportation –┬áIt Realy Took A Long Time To Get To Todays Transportation


While it did take us a very long time to get to todays transportation efficiency, it was not that long ago that we did not have airplanes to transport us or our goods by air for long distances as well as short distances. However, we did have a method of air transport in the hot air balloon. This of course was not an efficient or timely way to move goods.


Prior to airplanes to travel and transport peolple and goods, the automobile was coming along. However, there was not much time between these two inventions and each of these inventions, while at the time were very basic, it did not take much time for them to develop. The development of these two inventions was so rapid that it changed the world as we knew it just a little over 100 years ago with respect to transportation. Of course there were many other forms of transportation prior to these inventions.


History Of Transportation

History Of Transportation

There was the horse and buggy, there was even transportation by rail. We used horses to pull stage coaches to move people and goods from one place to another. Of course horses go back a long way as well as rail movement. Things were being moved by rail as long as 500 years ago. Of course, it was not like it is with todays railroads.


Transportation Dates Back To Prehistoric Ages


Of course the invention of the wheel began to turn things around when it came to being able to transport things more easily. However, there were real drawbacks which included the terrain. That’s when man decided to begin to build roads for land travel. And that goes back a long way. However, prior to the invention of the wheel, man learned how to tame animals and use them to transport their belongings and themselves over longer and longer distances.


As we go back in time to see how transportation developed, we cannot forget boats, ships, rafts etc. Man learned how to move accross various bodies of water because he was curious to know what was beyond what he could see. And once he was able to construct something that would take him there, he became even more mobile using these watercraft, however simple they were to transport them and their goods as well.


So now we have a good idea of how transportation developed from prehistoric times until our present day. While it took many centuries to develop modes of transportation to make things simpler, easier, more efficient, and less expensive to transport, once that development reached a certain point, it took on a startling speed. Probably the most rapid growth of transportation has been in the last 200 years. In that short a period, we have gone from horese power to rocket power and everything in between.


Look for Part Three of “Do You Know The History Of Transportation?” where we will attempt to give you an overview of the primary modes of transportation and there development.

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