Do You Know The History Of Transportation? Part Three

Where Would We Be Without The Modes Of Transportation Of Today?


It would be impossible to realize how important transportation as we know it is to society today. It is certain that it could be said to be the anchor of our society making our lives on a day to day basis much simpler than we could ever imagine if we did not have it. Think about how it would be if you had only your legs to propel you to where you wanted to go today. Or, if you only had an animal to carry you and your belongings here and there. How about a wagon pulled by an animal as your only method of transport.


As you can see, things changed as man became more curious about his surroundings and looked for ways to explore them. Eventually, this led to various inventions through history culminating in the inventions of all types of machines to accomplish transporting ourselves and our goods easier and easier and more efficiently as well. There are four basic modes of transport that can be categorized as responsible for the evolution of transportation and we will investigate these here.


Transportation Categories Include Land, Water, Rail, Air


Let’s look at the evolution of basic land transportation which is one of these four categories. We started by walking on land, riding animals to cross land distances and with the invention of the wheel, we greatly improved our ability to travel over land.Once that happened, man began to connect different locations with roads making the use of wheeled transports a little more comfortable that was otherwise harder over rugged terrain.


History Of Transportation

History Of Transportation

Some of the first good roads were constructed by the Romans to enable quick movement of their armies and some of them are still in existence today. Then in order to speed up the transportation process, man invented machines to help carry himself and his goods. Thsi included everything from bicycles to buggies and then of course cars and trucks etc. However, transprotation remained expenseive and sluggish until the industrial reveloution which produced engines that used steam and then other fuels. The invention of these engines was what rapidly changed the face of transportation over land.


Next we have water transport that goes back quit a long way from swimming, crude rafts, crude boats, and then to more sophisticated boats using wind power with sails, manpower with human rowers and then steam and fuel fired engines to power bigger and bigger boats and ships. Since man settled quit frequently near bodies of water and man also began to become businesslike and wanted to travel between these settlements as well as being able to have a good food supply that being near the oceans and rivers afforded him.


Now of course, we have giant cargo ships and huge cruise ships as well as barges and many other forms of water craft to transport us and move goods around the world. These cruise ships are actually complete cities that have everything anyone could want in the form of luxury and entertainment. One of these cargo ships can transport enough goods to supply a small city with everyhting it would need to provide for its inhabitants. We will cove the last two categories of tansportation in Part Four of “Do You Know The History Of Transportation?”

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