Do You Know The History Of Transportation? Part One

History Of Transportation

Most Of Us Think Of Transportation In Terms Of Ourselves.

Try to think of how long the world has been in existence. Now try to think of how long man has existed in this world. Transportation can not be traced back to a specific tme or time period except that it probably started when man decided to venture out from whatever his abode might have been in the bigginning. In other words, man’s curiosity about the area beyond where he lived necessitated transporting himself to those areas.


Actually, the first mode of transportation was “Walking” that is, to transport human man as well as moving goods or property that could be carried by Humans. Therefore, you could profer a guess as to the beggining of transportation as it is defined in the dictionary. “The process of moving something from point A to point B” to keep it simple. So, we might conclude that transportation is as old as man and will probably exist as long as man continues to exist and changing as technology allows it to change.


Lets Start With Ways We Transport Things Today And Work Backwards


History Of Transportation

History Of Transportation

Today we transport people, goods and anything we want to move using roads, rails, water, and air as our primary methods of transportation. We are able to move almost anyone or anything from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world we want. Not only that, with the invention of the airplane leading to the invention of the rocket ship, we are now transporting people and things from the earth to other destinations in space.


You remember in the Bible the story of the Tower Of Babel. The inhabitants of the earth came together and built a tower that reached into the heavens as they decided they wanted to find God there. And God realized that they could actually do it as they were of one mind. So, he caused them to speak in different languages in order to keep them from being able to understand each other and that ended that ambitious project. Well, we are getting close to what they had tried to do with our exploration of space.


So, now we have space ships to move us to the heavens, giant ships to move cargo and people to all parts of the earth. Then we have trains that move cargo and people from one part of land to another all over the world. We have Airplanes that move cargo and people to destinations all over the world as well. Then we have cars that we use to take us where we want to go from the grociery store or from one end of a country to another and into other countries as well.


We also have bicycles and motorcycles to transport us to and from one place and another. How about those electric personal transporters that a person stands on and moves around simply by leaning forward or backward. We have come up with every kind of vehicle to transport ourselves and our goods and we have jsut begun. We even have vehicles now roaming distant planets looking for the possibility of life sustaining materials. We have satelites obiting the earth that were transported there by rockets. We even have a space station orbiting the earth and we use shuttles to transport people and goods and equipment that is needed to cary on experiments.


That’s where we are now. How long did it take us to get here. Find out in Part Two of “Do You Know The History Of Transportation?”

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