Do You Know The History Of Transportation? Part Four

History Of Transportation –┬áIt Is Hard To Imagine The World Without A Way To Transport Anything


In part three of “Do you know the history of transportation” we left off with describing water transport and how it evolved. There are two more basic or broad categories of modes of transportation that we have yet tocover and they are Rail Transport and Air Transport.


History Of Transportation

History Of Transportation

While rail transport is generally believed to have it early beginnings for the purposes of transportation about 500 years ago, there are other earlier indications of the use of this method for modest movement of goods. It has been called “Wagon Way” and can be traced back as far as 600 BC to Greece and used wagons pulled by men or animals along grooves that were carved in limestone. This allowed the wagon to travel in a predetermined patern without the need to steer it. These systems were only a few killometers long at best but provided a quick way to move goods those short distances. There are also discoveries that indicate these systems werre used by the Romans as well.


Then the system of rails began to be improved using wooden rails and wagons again pulled by either men or in most cases horses. It wasn’t unitl the early 1800’s that the modern railway system came into being in England. As time went on, new inventions spurred the growth of rail transportation to where it is today the backbone of most any economy. The steam engine was a huge jump for rail transport and remained so for almost two centuries until the fuel powered engine eventually replaced it. Rail has become a very fast way to travel, it is economical and can transport large amounts of people and goods for long distances.


The Final Frontier Of Transprotation Would Be Air Travel


Who Doesn’t know that the Wright Brothers invented the airplane in 1903? Air travel prior to that time, if you want to call it air travel wa limited to going up in a baloon type contraption. So, the invention of the airplane changed the way we would live in the most drastic ways. It was a dream come true and made life easier and more luxurious for nearly all of us. Man has always wanted to explore regions as far away as he can possibly go, has always wanted what he does not have, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.


That characteristic is what led us to where we are today in air travel. Think about it! you can go just about anywhere in the world in a few hours by airplane. We have made the statement “Man In The Moon” a reality with the inventions that are a result of mans curiosity, drive and creativity. We are at the precipice of being able to go to the far reaches of the universe to quench our thirst for more and more knowledge of who we are and precisely where we fit in to the universe itself.


It is amazing that as far as air travel, it has all happened essentially in a little over 100 years. Most of us that are alive today really do not know what it was like to not have big boats and ships, fast cars and trucks, long fast trains, and airplanes and space ships. We look forward to even bigger and better ways to travel and transport goods. The future of transportation is huge.


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