Disadvantages of public transportation.

Many people are mainly tied down by public transportation. Millions of people use different types of transportation in their everyday work. Most of them may use either trains, buses, boats and so many related means of transport. Some people are pleased and satisfied when they use means like buses to travel, although there are some problems that they come across as they enjoy using this mean of transport. Below are some of the problems of public transportation worldwide.

The word public means that it involves many people. This means that there are many people around you. It can be fun to have many people around but also it can have some challenges.The person next to you can be of love and of great help in your life. But most of the people around you may be of annoying you every time. Good examples of this are family members especially babies to their mothers or even old people who are being taken care of. Anyway, some people although so close relives, can be a problem.

Another problem is about timing. You must be a perfect timer and also know the schedule of the transport. If you gets a minute late, be ready to wait for about one or two hours for the next bus to come. This is big problem because you can’t depart when you wanted to.

The last and most important is about hygiene. It is good and healthy to take of our surroundings. Many times you find that the seat is too dirty to sir on.

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