Challenges that face road transportation

When we talk about road transportation, many people understand the meaning of transport because of the many users. This is known to be a true large extent. Also, some people are known to use the public means and they always decide to drive their own cars and sometimes use taxis in many cities. This helps them to reach their destination. This type of transportation is known to offer different benefits to the users when compared to other means of transportation. This is because it has helped many people who are attracted to the investments from different types of business people.  This led them to the gradual evolution in the road transport sector. However, this may have some challenges . Below are few of them.

Crime: the road means that it is easier to target the criminal’s attacks when it is compared with other means of transportation such as air transport.

Poor conditioned roads and vehicles are also known to be unsuitable in transportation because of the poor maintenance. This is mostly caused by insufficient funds or sometimes mere negligence. This situation is also known to be aggravated whenever there are unfavorable changes of weather such as the heavy rains and also the storms that cause frequent break downs. Also there are some accidents that may happen. This may also cause some delays which may lead to massive losses for the sector.

Congestion: because the road transport is common, then there is a clear proper road network. The cases of the congestion and the overcrowding are invertible.


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