A Look At Personal Transport Advances And Their Impact

Personal Transport Advances – A Look At Some Cool Advances In Personal Transportation

In this article and others to follow, we will explore some really neat things that are in progress with respect to personal transportation. This particular article takes a look at the helicopter as personal transportation. While at the present time you do not see helicopters flying all around taking off and landing in your neighborhood, you could be seeing this in the not too distant future.

Personal Transport Advances – Solutions

I chose this subject because of my curiosity of helicopters and felt that most people are at the very least intrigued by them. Helicopters are used for many reasons including military, medical, business , and personal transportation. However, with respect to personal transport, it is economically out of reach for most of us and seems to be reserved for the very rich in the world.


But that could change because there are developments occurring that could make personal transport by helicopter within the reach of many more people. We lookind into one of these developments and it looks very promising for the future of personal transportation.

Is There A Helicopter In Your Future To Transport You?

How about a hydrogen powered personal helicopter sitting in your yard? Could it be? Well, a company called Avimech has developed such personal transportation with their cute little aviation machine called the “Dragonfly”. This little buzzing bee weighs in at only 230 pounds and can carry payloads of up to 800 pounds. It uses simple hydrogen peroxide and a catalysts to power the rotors, can reach speeds of up to 100 knots, and can stay aloft for 90 minutes.

It utilizes two little 8 inch motors mounted on the tips of the rotor blades that act like rocket engines to turn the rotors, developing up to 102 horsepower. That’s cool and pretty powerful. The really great part about this is that the emissions are nothing but water vapor, no pollution, completely environmentally friendly. Now folks, don’t get your hopes up too quickly. There seems to be a few things that need to be worked on to make this your own.

Personal Transport Advances

Personal Transport Advances

Currently it uses about 11 gallons of fuel per hour and the Dragonfly as it is now is quite expensive for use as a personal transportation vehicle. However, this could be rectified in the near future and the Dragonfly could become the perfect eco-friendly personal aviation vehicle of the future.

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