who we are

World Tranport Organization founded in NYC, United States. The main reason of founding this organization is to gather all the updates, news, professional information and contacts in one special place.

This special place will serve you the latest updates from its association friends. Also we will include a special business directory so anyone can find his special contacts for is main business.

what we do

We Make the connections among our community. We have a special business directory for our business.
We send special information as a due diligence about companies in our field for your convenience. If you are interested in purchase transport company you must contact us for the DD.
We use our skilled advisers and quality employees to serve you updates, news and information in our business field.
We endorse specialists in special areas in our field and busioness.

job opportunities

In our organization we seek all time for the best and quality employees. Most of our employees are web employees but there are also other types of employees that we search and if you see yourself with full motivation to work and you think you have the skills please do not hesitate to contact us and as follows:

Again, If you see yourself ready to go and step forward please contact us by email and send your CV.

ourĀ team

  • Avi Fastlich
    CEO of the organization since 2008. Previously worked as a lawyer in international...
  • Simon Lorenson
    In 2009 he have joined the organization. Before he have joined the organization...
  • Ted Robinson
    In 2010 he have joined the organization. He have finished working as the...
  • Jack Ashton
    With a lot of experience in our field Jack comes to serve you....